Massey, Bowers & Hembree LLC

Massey, Watson & Hembree LLC named one of top lobbying firms for 2017 session

The Atlanta Journal Constitution: January 8, 2017

By James Salzer

Top Firms in Georgia Massey, Watson & Hembree: Massey, Watson & Hembree: A former Georgia secretary of state, a gubernatorial chief of staff and a veteran lobbyist make up a team that represents a long list of companies and groups interested in both legislation and state contracts, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Citigroup, Comcast, Dell, J.P. Morgan, Southwest Airlines, Uber and Boyd Gaming, one of the companies hoping the General Assembly approves casino gambling legislation. Interview with Lewis Massey Massey, Watson, Hembree What makes an effective lobbyist? An effective lobbyist establishes relationships with decision makers that allow for the opportunity to share relevant information with legislators that is both factual and persuasive. What can citizens do? Besides getting to know local lawmakers before the session, cultivate a champion in the General Assembly for your cause. Speak in committee meetings and bring like-minded citizens to do the same. Be respectful, reliable, resilient and resourceful.