Massey, Bowers & Hembree LLC

Client Testimonials

"Massey & Bowers has been a true partner for us in so many ways. They are accessible 24-7 and they respond to our calls and emails very quickly. Their efforts have been invaluable to our continued success in Georgia."
Debbie Trainor
Director of Business Development
"I can sum up Massey and Bowers effectiveness in a single word--WOW!!!!! Given the challenges navigating state and local politics on a daily basis and their thought leadership and experienced consultation, I can now spend my time selling instead of keeping track of all the changes in state government."
Darroll D. Lawson
Account Manager
"Massey & Bowers executes with a level of expertise and assurance when dealing with issues that instills a great deal of confidence in their client. They bring clarity and timeliness to defining the issue at hand, they develop the appropriate strategy and they have an amazing ability to present a cogent and concise appeal on their client's behalf."
Mark Hennessy
Chattahoochee Hill Country Alliance
"We can always count on quick and valuable insight from Massey & Bowers on issues related to our company and our industry. We consider them to be part of our team in every way, and they continue to deliver results for us."
Steve Adams
President and CEO